Byline Mike Gordon

fall of saigon“Apocalypse Then, Memories Now”

My look at the fall of Saigon won the 2000 Society of Professional Journalists, Hawaii Chapter, prize for feature writing/long form. Judges Comments: “Mike Gordon’s journalistic mosaic is a riveting picture of the fall of Saigon. There is tension and pathos in every passage. This piece has the drama of life and death and the reflection of hindsight. Gordon made history come to life here.”

To read the story, click here: Fall of Saigon



The Battleship That Broke the Heart of a  City

To read my story, click here: Missouri leaves Washington port



The Sad Case of Peter Boy Kema

Peter Boy Kema vanished in 1997 and probably would have been forgotten if I had not broken the story in 1998.

The story you can read here is one of many: Is anybody listening?

From family life to death in oblivion

Miracle is a cross to bear

A violin, a reporter and, finally, a dad



A Reel Obsession

My story followed a Hawaii filmmaker’s search for the first documentary to win an Academy Award — a 1941 film that was produced by a Hawaii woman and was thought to be lost for decades. She found it and I told readers how that happened.

Here’s a link to the story: Reel Obsession



Journey Back to Manzanar

Dennis Ogawa, a University of Hawaii, Manoa American Studies professor, wanted to see the place of his birth — the World War II internment camp at Manzanar.

Here’s my story: Journey Back to Manzanar



A Son Remembers His Father 

For years after my father’s death when I was 19, I could not remember the things he did for me. Then, with gentle prodding from Mrs. G., I did. Here’s my story: Memories of dad