About Men

About Men columns from 2002

A man without hair is like a Corvette engine in a Yugo

There’s something about being in a man-eater’s territory

`Fighting fair’ heretofore unknown concept for many men

Challenge of yard work brings out father’s obsession in son

Job without actual work can free up time for surfing, chores

About Men columns from 2003

To become a clotheshorse, you have to learn to like shopping

When you’re a guy, you know how to tell `stuff’ from `junk’

When guys do their deep thinking, a little fantasy intervenes

Husband fears he’s flirting with disaster after wife’s comment

The real meaning of life probably lurks inside the tool box

Shock value plummets as body piercings, tattoos become norm

When your kids near adolescence, your world starts changing

Sincere apologies to Mrs. G., but the red pickup is a must

Secret of the slippers keeps man of the house on his toes

About Men columns from 2004

Darkness provides a salve to the techno−bombarded soul

Guys bond for life over beer, Bowl, cream of mushroom

Memories of dancing with daughters waltz in with music

Slaving over ceramic−tile installation worth it if it saves Easter

This birthday boy returns from Las Vegas the big winner

Sometimes honesty is overrated

At beach, plain guys get babe

Sweet simplicity lost in the rush of life

On track of dreams, it’s a gold

Give it up, Dad; here’s one for you

Giving gift just got a bit tougher

Time to brave the ladder

Go ahead and pimp my mower

About Men columns from 2005

Daughters decidedly different

Friend’s death stirs emotions

Springtime sounds of hammering

Ironing clothes an ugly chore

Truth does not always set you free

Memories of what is important

Growing daughter, deaf dad

Sorry tale of mice and men

My reality can be yours, too

Married with underwear

Sea of life will leave you listing

Let’s skip Christmas this year

Working on my will to chill

About Men columns from 2006

Down with the Rejects? You bet

Guys’ guide to venting? Read on

A mini−van? Do I look like a mom?

Reunions a cruel test of time

Reflections on being a big brother

Modern fathers try to keep up

Paella chef feels heat of tradition


Christmas lights up inner child

About Men columns from 2007

When a garage is a refuge

Gotta−do lists? Let’s get real!

Leisure? You must be kidding

Caught in thick of Girl Speak

Working builds your character

My anger? Turns out I’m just old

Lessons about love and cars

Men don’t steal other men’s beer

I’m off to tackle The List

A 3−course circus, with guest parts

Reunion’s a feast of memories

About Men columns from 2008

Domestic, but still in love

Driving away, into the future

Hitting the ‘point of no return’

Quality time, in the fast lane

Learning how to be just a dad

About Men columns from 2009

This year, he’ll kiss life on the mouth

In face of crisis, she made Daddy proud

Latest scores from ultimate home game

Dizzying search for man’s best friend isn’t over

Got a hearing loss solution? I’m listening